Our Mission

Project PLASE, Inc. addresses homelessness in Baltimore by providing transitional housingpermanent housing and supportive services to homeless adults. We serve the most vulnerable and underserved, including persons with mental illness, HIV/AIDS, addiction, developmental disabilities, and ex-offenders, etc. We treat, restore and rehabilitate the whole person. We empower each individual to function at the highest level possible.


Charles L. Roundtree, Jr., SGT

Thanks to the family of Charles L. Roundtree, Jr., SGT. They chose to honor Charles’ memory by setting up a donation page for the benefit of Project PLASE.

During his life, Chuck developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and found himself homeless on several occasions living with the side effects.  Through Project PLASE’s Support Services for Veteran Families, Chuck was able to obtain the assistance he required to reconnect with society.

Please consider supporting them by making a donation at https://goo.gl/OxukMz

The Problem

The Problem

On any given night in Baltimore City, an estimated 4,000 people experience homelessness.

Project PLASE provides essential housing and support services to homeless citizens. We serve approximately 450 individuals in our Transitional and Permanent Housing programs each year, and thousands over the past 41 years.

Help us to bring hope, restore dignity and end the cycle of homelessness for Baltimore’s most vulnerable citizens. Donate TODAY, or join our dedicated team of volunteers.


Need Housing

Housing Baltimore’s Most Vulnerable

Our transitional housing program is intended to house and serve homeless citizens who have special needs, in temporary housing, with 24 hour supported supervision and case management.  Learn more about our transitional housing program HERE.

Project PLASE’s Permanent Housing Program offers both personal independence and continued support from PLASE’s dedicated Outreach Counselors to prevent clients from relapsing into homelessness. Learn more about our permanent housing programs HERE.



The Volunteer Program at Project PLASE seeks to place volunteers in meaningful positions. Our volunteers help to support Project PLASE’s mission by supplementing our resources. Through mission centered service, the Volunteer Program exposes participants to the issue of homelessness.

Out full-time staff offers ongoing supervision, support, and dialogue to our volunteers in order to promote the safety and success of both the volunteers and clients.

Learn more about the volunteer program HERE.


Donate Today!

Donations made by individuals help deliver housing and services for Baltimore’s homeless. We appreciate and rely on strong support from the Baltimore community.

Your donation can facilitate many things: fund a bed for a veteran struggling with PTSD; provide a family with the permanent housing supportive services; motivate, or educate under-educated or illiterate individuals.

If you can’t afford to make a cash donation, there are many other ways that you can help. Learn more HERE.