The goal of Project PLASE’s emergency housing program is to shelter and serve homeless adults in temporary housing. We offer 24-hour supported supervision and case management for our residents, with a focus on helping the individual function at their highest level.

We provide residents with three meals daily, linens, bus tokens when available, assistance with medical appointments, and clothing as needed – making it easier for residents to focus on their goals.

Each resident is assigned a counselor for assistance and support. At a minimum, they meet once a week. Active case management is given to assist the individual in meeting their needs and moving beyond their crisis situation. Referrals to community based services and resources are made as appropriate including health, mental health, substance abuse treatment, life skills, job readiness and placement, education, and legal services.

See the “Need Housing?” page for information on accessing emergency housing.

Project PLASE operates two emergency housing facilities.



3601 Old Frederick Rd.

Beacon House Square
Beacon House Square



  • 24 men in dormitory style living
  • 12 women in dormitory style living
  • Target Population: homeless men and women with either a history of mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, or other needs



1814 Maryland Avenue


This multi-purpose facility was completed in 2001 and renovated in 2009. It is utilized as housing for SRO (Single Room Occupancy) male and female residents with separate emergency housing for men and women. The building effectively utilizes 4 stories of living space and includes bedrooms, bathrooms, multiple common kitchens, and common living area for its residents. An overnight counselor occupies an apartment, providing for 24 hour supervision and support. A garden and courtyard complement the quality living of our residents and staff.

  • Target Population: Homeless men and women with either a history of mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, or other needs, Veterans or those who are medically fragile
  • Number of Occupants: 29
  • Special Note: Disabled accessible