Q. How does a client enter your facility?

A. The most common way that a client enters Project PLASE is through referral from another agency’s Dept of Social Services, HERO, Healthcare for the Homeless, or any of a number of community-based organizations and overnight or emergency shelters. We also receive referrals from hospitals, health clinics, and nursing homes. It is also generally accepted that a person’s family may refer or a client may self-refer. However someone is referred, it is important that the individual be ready to accept the assistance and regimen that PLASE offers.

Q. Do you have a waiting list?

A. We keep a waiting list on hand to take any referrals that may come in. Generally, the list is first-come, first serve. On occasion, when the situation is dire and urgent, some people may be placed as a higher priority on the list so that they may be served more quickly. Additionally, clients that have a previous history with PLASE are given priority.

Q. How many clients do you serve?

A. At any given time we can have up to 67 clients in our transitional and emergency facilities. This translates to roughly 350 clients per year. PLASE also fills between 95%-99% occupancy each year. Throughout the three facilities we operate, they each house as follows:
Men’s facility: 24 beds
Women’s Facility: 12 beds
Veterans / Transitional/ Medically Fragile Facility: 32 beds
Project PLASE also serves about 200-250 persons annually in permanent housing.

Q. Do you serve families?

A. We only serve families in our permanent housing program and in our Shelter Diversion program. We are not equipped at this time to serve families in our transitional facilities.

Q. What kind of funding do you receive?

A. Project PLASE receives much of its funding from local and Federal sources including Maryland Department¬†of Human Resources, Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services (MOHS), HUD, Ryan White Title I, and other sources such as the Veterans Administration. Additionally, PLASE has received funding from private foundations and corporations, e.g. United Way of Central Maryland, McCormick & Company, Carrollton Bank, PNC Bank. The support of individuals,small businesses and faith-based communities also helps to make our work possible.
Project PLASE remains firm in its objective to serve homeless men and women with great need. We significantly rely on community based support from donors like you. Your generosity and private donations have a great impact on our organization and the clients who pass through.

Q. How do you measure success and what is your success rate?

A. The most measurable way to determine the success of our clients is by the percentage that were able to obtain permanent housing either through rental subsidy, family reconciliation, or an assisted living situation more suitable to their needs. Our minimum goal is that 35% of clients will move into permanent housing.

In FY 2009, 52% of clients transitioned into permanent housing or another supportive and stable living situation.