Why I’m Pleased to Work at Project PLASE

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This story is an example of why I’m so pleased to work at Project PLASE.  Until two years ago, I lived in Charles Village, two doors up from someone named Mike.  The second day after starting to work here – last September – I ran into Mike in our hallway at PLASE, because he had come to apply for help from SSVF.  SSVF found him a place to stay very quickly, and he was pleased.  Now, a few months later, he has moved to another place nearby – and he persuaded his new landlord to get in touch with PLASE in order to get more tenants.  Mike came into PLASE yesterday and stopped by to say hello to me.  He told me that he has recommended PLASE to some other friends who need help and that the staff here are really nice and always treat him with respect.  I thought you’d like to know!


Barbara Larcom

Co-executive administrative assistant – part time

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