Case Management for Transitional & Permanent Housing

Advocacy Counselors provide case management services in our transitional facilities. For clients in PLASE permanent housing programs, Outreach Counselors make home visits and provide support services. This support helps prevent recurring homelessness and assists each person in living as independently and fully as possible. PLASE staff includes counselors trained to provide intensive case management for those residents requiring additional services.

Addictions Assessments & Life Skills

Soon after admission, clients are administered specialized assessments (ASI, Burns Anxiety and Depression Assessment, and Life Skills Assessment) which identify areas of strength and weakness that may impact a client’s personal, physical and mental progress. Assessments cover areas ranging from housekeeping, parenting skills and personal hygiene, to legal issues, finances, and employment. This process creates a foundation for counseling, skills building and the identification of community resources.

Medical Assessments & Connection to Community Services

Our nurse assesses at-risk clients upon entrance into PLASE and serves as a resource on an as-needed basis. The nurse also educates staff and clients on health issues with a focus on HIV/AIDS and helps communicate with medical service providers. 24-hour staff also supervise and monitor residents’ medication.

Socialization Activities

Residents are given opportunities to express themselves through socialization activities held in our facilities with assistance from qualified volunteers. PLASE offers clients art classes, yoga, nutrition presentations, GED instruction and tutoring. Additionally, occasional outings such as baseball games and our annual picnic provide residents with the opportunity to live a normal and healthy life.

Peer Counselors

Project PLASE currently has former residents in the position of Peer Counselor at our facilities. These peers assist PLASE counselors in the shelters and provide a personal example to all current residents of the possibility of success and sobriety in their future.

HIV Outreach

HIV Outreach functions agency wide. All HIV infected residents are screened upon entry and then provided with information and active support while living in and transitioning out of Project PLASE. HIV education, peer support, accompaniment to appointments, referrals, screening, compliance with medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment programs are a few of the key services provided by staff. In addition to servicing HIV positive residents, team members attempt to screen and educate all uninfected residents regarding at-risk behaviors, the need for HIV testing and counseling, and HIV transmission.

Client Advisory Board

PLASE has consumer advisory group which we call a Client Advisory Board (CAB). This body provides an additional voice for PLASE’s residents.

Transportation Assistance

Project PLASE provides bus tokens to residents who have no income and no other source of transportation assistance and mobility.

House Meetings

Weekly house meetings provide a forum for residents to share their ideas and concerns. These meetings are held at a set time each week and are facilitated by a staff member.

See the “Need Housing?” page for information on accessing support services.