One Person Helped – Helps Others

Project PLASE (People Lacking Ample Shelter and Employment) changes the lives of the homeless in Baltimore.

Kim Holmes, a client, Peer Advocate, Resident Advisory Board Officer, and volunteer of Project PLASE, shares her story with WMAR Channel 2 and how she is giving back to the organization that helped save her life, but also to help those who are now where she once was in life.

Ms. Holmes had once been a resident of Project PLASE when she was at a perilous time in her life. She was mortally ill and undergoing several treatments to help her survive the ordeals her body was enduring. After leaving the hospital, she was referred to Project PLASE as she had lost her home and family to addiction and succumbed to all the problems this brings with it.  She weighed under 60 pounds at the time and was required to take dozens of prescriptions and blood transfusions just to keep her alive.

Two years went by with her staying at Project PLASE’s emergency shelter care on St. Paul Street in Baltimore (a former location) and it was only then she was able to recognize what was happening to her, her life, and the people who were trying to help her do more than survive.

Project PLASE helped not only get her back on her feet but enabled her to excel. She went to school for her GED, reunited with her family, became an example for community members and friends, and is now giving back.  Ms. Holmes doesn’t just volunteer — she gives her whole heart to Project PLASE and it shows in every action, for all are acts of love.

Watch Kim’s personal story