Celebration Housing for Veterans

Celebration Housing  provides disabled, chronically homeless veterans with subsidized permanent housing + support services. They work to enable long-term stability, dignity, and independence.

The veterans in Baltimore City and County receive through the Celebration Housing program assistance with:

Permanent Supportive Housing

Intensive Case Management

Linkages to Supportive Services 

Food Pantry

Clothing Closet

and more

Veterans Day 2023

Programmatic Collaboration

Our Celebration Housing for Veterans program collaborates with many of the permanent housing programs of Project PLASE, stepping in when other programs are initiated. All of them are working together to ensure a veteran is housed and that housing is sustainable, while safeguarding and acting against the other root causes of homelessness.

◘ Supportive Services for Veteran Services
◘ Grants Per Diem (GPD) Permanent Housing
◘ Renters Assistance Program (RAP)
◘ Continuum of Care (CoC) for chronically homeless